About Us

Welcome to Cleaning Supremacy Located in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas, between the cities of Jacksonville and Sherwood. Ro Ro Cleaning Service was established May 1, 2015, with the phenomenal idea to provide honest, trustworthy, and professional commercial and residential cleaning services to Central Arkansas. Our overall goal is not to provide satisfaction, but to guarantee 110% satisfaction, through our trained and skilled customer friendly team. After one service, customers will become addicted to the cleaning supremacy offered by Ro Ro Cleaning Service. Ro Ro Cleaning Service will provide commercial and residential cleaning to all, no matter the task big or small....Ro Knows Cleaning!! Our outstanding team focuses on customer needs and achieving 110% satisfaction, through our unique cleaning technique called four square top to bottom, this allows Ro Ro to clean effectively and efficiently as to not miss a spot. Your apartment, home, office, RV, or small business will become our home because.....Ro Knows Cleaning


Defining Ro Ro Cleaning Service: Drive for Success

Michael T. Pettus (incorporator/organizer/manager), and Tonika L. Mooney-Wade (Manager/Secretary) as young siblings in a single parent home, we were drilled with the values of honesty and hard work. We learned the most important rule was that your environment should always remain clean. Our mother always taught us that being clean speaks volumes of one's character, and that first impressions last forever Maintaining a spotless home was the only option for our family. We have decided to incorporate our values and hard work into a new exciting cleaning service for Central Arkansas to enjoy cleaning supremacy. The name Ro Ro is derived from our baby brother named Roshawn. Ro Ro was born in the summer of 1980 with Down Syndrome. He is very special to our family and is the backbone of the family. It is only befitting that Ro Ro be honored, as angels should.